Bye Bye Winter Queen

So thrilled to sell my much loved Winter Queen, her steely, determined gaze has helped me adjust to these extreme NJ winters. The Winter Queen knows there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes.

On Sunday I participated in the local studio tour event. I decided not to host it at my house as my studio is in an attic room and a logistical nightmare over a 6 hour time span. Sure good exercise but really not practical. I exhibited in a group space and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to show my work and be able to receive such wonderful and affirming feedback from the people that dropped by my stand. Seriously, thank you!

Exhibiting in community events is such a great learning curve in so many ways and fantastic to be able to have conversations about art.

Next stop the Maplewood Art Walk - Sunday, September 29.

I hope to have new work ands some inspired from a 3 week holiday in Ireland. I am looking forward to that!