KATHLEEN PLATE - Art Business Success

Last night, I had the exceptional pleasure of meeting and listening to the talented, wonderfully successful and gracious glass artist Kathleen Plate http://www.kathleenplate.com. It was part of artist Gayle Mahoney’s (also amazingly talented and successful!) Business Bootcamp for Artists class in Orange, NJ. http://www.gaylemahoney.com

Kathleen has supported herself as an artist for over 20 years. Whilst Kathleen has had some wildly successful times with clients such as Aveda and Coca Cola like every business it has had it’s ups and downs and challenges such as burn out and a sense of plateauing as a business.  It was really encouraging to listen to Kathleen talk fondly about the beginning phase of her business and that it's truly an exciting time.

Even though I have been a visual artist in one form or another for my, reasonably long, adult life I am now at the start of a new chapter in regards to developing a viable art business. Listening to Kathleen gave me a well timed boost of motivation and clear picture of what is possible with art business success.

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