Evolving mixed media process

When I first started making collage visual art all I used were images from magazines, magazine paper and glue (unfortunately poor quality glue) see “Face II” - 1992,  below. Over 20 years later (ah excuse me?) my process has evolved to embrace mixed media see "Transmogrify”- 2014, below. The evolution is due, mainly, to having more time and space to create and use paint and a desire to develop portrait skills. The process intention is to create lavish, colorful images that skirt between the appropriated and the artist made. The intellectual intention I will speak to, a lot, another time.

Briefly and generally, to be followed with related posts, my current process involves:

  • Creating a central figurative image usually done in acrylic paint but can be pencil "Muse In Iceberg Dress" 2013.
  • Placing magazine collage around the image glued with archival quality glue to the board or canvas.  These images are either ripped* straight from magazines or picked from boxes of  images I have accumulated over the years.
  • The paper images are then integrated with the artist made central image using acrylic paint and sometimes pen.
  • To finish I use varnish with spray or paint usually gloss.

*Did I type “ripped”. Yep, shamelessly stolen from glossy fashion mags. You know ladies, the ones that tell us how we should look, act and where our "image" attentions should lie. Those fabulous, seductive, sacred, fashion advertising bibles. The ones I still find so alluring and have done from a very young age. The ones we are not really meant to question. It's only fashion. It's fun, right?  What's more, the central image in my work has usually been stolen right from those pages. GGN! GASP!  That's subversive and criminal! How dare I! Haven't I heard about copyright infringement? If I go to jail will they make a TV show about me? "Paper is the new Paint" or "The Collage Criminal" or The Incarcerated Copier?". Help me out with a title anyone?

More on this next time.

EJMunro "Face II" 1992 

EJMunro "Transmogrify" 2014

EJMunro "Transmogrify" 2014